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Simple is Tough. Complex is Easy.

Why so?

Different aspects to it.

It is too difficult to be clear, honest and straightforward about something.

Sooner or later this is something we will realise.

We can all have different kinds of thoughts, emotions and opinions about a matter at hand. We think and toil hard only to realise we had started it all wrong.

Instead, if we start with the simplest set of intentions and values, we reach "there" too easy and early. But then everybody has their own set of procedures to reach where they want to reach and goal they want to accomplish. Along with that, it takes time, effort and practice to reach that simplest and easiest stage.

After so many years of conditioning, we have somewhat become complex in our own pretty ways. To lose those years of conditioning won't be an easy task. This baggage keeps on accumulating until and unless we put conscious effort to lose it.

When we were young, it was not that tough to smile, laugh and bond but as we grow and learn more, it all becomes tough. We think more, emote less, express less, and don't let the life flow in a natural way and somewhere make a mess out of our lives which is nothing but a consequence of all that is stated above. To let go of all the drama, try to make your life simple and easy consciously and may be it will not be that tough.

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