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When the highs are super high and the lows are super low!!!

It happens with all of us. We all experience emotional upheavals. For some people these are mild but for some they just fill them up full. I am one of them. So I have learnt to enjoy both- the highs and the lows. It was only yesterday when I was crying, feeling sad, blaming those around, victimising myself and considering myself a weakling and no one can believe, me neither that today I am just the opposite. I feel as if I am the strongest, wisest, smartest, the most talented and the Best.

It is tough to lead this kind of life, such emotional turbulences and still be able to wake up with a hope that the next day everything will be normal and equanimity will stay Forever!!!

But it is even tougher to imagine ourselves in someone else's shoes. What demons others are facing we do not have any idea about, how dark these are, no idea nah han!!

Anyways, life happens in between all this chaos!! Good times happen in between all this chaos!! Success, happiness, prosperity, laughter and much more happen with of course this chaos being somewhere there!! It depends on us how much weightage and importance we give to which thing and then it grows. Think about happiness, happiness grows; think about sadness, sadness grows.

So yeah!! that's all for this post!!!

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Mohini Yadav
Mohini Yadav
Apr 07, 2023

Suffering leads to strength!

Survival of the fittest is the motto of life, that survival instinct during tough times leads to strength! 🌈ᵕ̈*✨️

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