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What makes us civilised !!

Living an ethical life makes us civilised...

Living with a set of values makes us civilised...

Sticking to our roots...yeah that too !!

It is a crazy crazy world with more than a million species surviving along with us...

But what makes us different...

What sets us apart from all those ..

Why we are the most evolved...

Why we are gifted with the brightest of the minds ...

Do we ever ponder over it ?

Do living with the thought " My life...will live it my way " the best motto to be lived with !!

I don't think so !!

Discipline is what is needed to achieve most of the things in life....

Arrangement and organisation and management too !!

So the question remains the same !!!

Why we are the most evolved ?! Why ours the best species ?!

Is it because we find a way in this clutter?

Is it because we discover and invent too to make our lives easy and better?!

Is it because we are trying to find a meaning of this life and the world ?!

Is it because in all this chaos we are trying to create a better place for the new generations and doing the things which would make their lives easy and better ?!

And does it require us to abide by the rules, laws and live a sensible life ?!

And does it also require us to be civilised?!

Much to be said but maybe sometime later !!

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