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The magic I felt

Does this happen or it is just my imagination ?

Praying for someone and suddenly one wish of mine getting fulfilled.

Karma I listen someone saying in their mind.

But does this happen ?

When it is too obvious and the two events occur within two minutes or so.

Yeah....They say trees don't eat their fruits, rivers don't drink their water and much more

But I guess I believe it...

What I was taught when I was little, to give;

But sometimes while growing up what I forgot in the process and it all became about getting and having.

But let us remember what we had once learnt and start by giving, praying and hoping for others....

May be in the process, we get to know that it was not mere coincidence but the law of nature.

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Mohini Yadav
Mohini Yadav
Apr 07, 2023

🌈ᵕ̈*✨🌈ᵕ̈*✨🌈ᵕ̈*✨🌈ᵕ̈*✨ 🌈ᵕ̈*✨🌈ᵕ̈*✨🌈ᵕ̈*✨🌈ᵕ̈*✨ 🌈ᵕ̈*✨🌈ᵕ̈*✨🌈ᵕ̈*✨🌈ᵕ̈*✨

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