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Survivors, a common term used nowadays to refer to the persons who faced and recovered from a certain trauma in their lives; used mainly for victims of rape, discrimination and such societal problems. But aren’t we all survivors; survivors of our own life , of the adversities and hardships life throws at us. We are survivors because we have survived and are surviving no matter what. Many among us were who could never even see this day I am writing this article because they quit bogged down by their life’s adversities. So I have decided, lets call each of us survivors for fighting and struggling relentlessly, for facing each day head on with all our vigour, waking up and taking each day and the problems of each day in its stride. Yes, we are survivors. Mr. Darwin had also said something about the survival of the fittest and yes, we are the same species.

I feel proud to be surrounded by all these survivors. As I see someone in the path while I travel to work daily, I feel happy, blessed and proud of these survivors accompanying me along the path. I feel proud of the battles they would have fought and won and I enjoy their company and feel privileged to be around them just for the fact that they survived among all those people who took birth.

I get inspiration from the old and elderly and feel happy and inspired from them for I know how much vigour, bravery, positivity and gratefulness would be behind all these years of living and surviving.


PS: The article is just the representation of the thought that came to my mind and the shape I gave it.

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Mohini Yadav
Mohini Yadav
Apr 07, 2023

頑張ってください💪🏻🔥 ̖́-


vijay kumar
vijay kumar
Jan 19, 2023

Beautiful perspective towards life...and the art to describe it....

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