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In Moderation

Since when we were told to go all out,

Put our best, yes that we could do,

But to be best, better than the rest,

Is this the way forward, and how far will it take us?

And then I remember, it had been ingrained in our minds since the start, the time we were small, maybe the time we started school and the grades were the only criteria to judge us and I don't know why that urge in our society to rank us. Why? We were just little kids; why put this unnecessary competition in our minds. This competition remained in our minds in our adult lives too; always pitting us against each other, trying to be best, stressing us out, so that we could be number one. But is really someone number one in this whole wide world?

I don't want to be best by losing sleep, eating less, grinding myself day and night and losing the balance.

I don't want to be better even.

I am well off as good.

Good is good for me.

Good is good enough.

I want to sleep but in moderation.

I want to laugh in moderation.

I want to eat in moderation.

I want to exercise in moderation.

I want to take care of myself in moderation.

I want to take care of others in moderation.

I want to love in moderation.

I want to think in moderation.

I want to study in moderation.

I don't want to overdo.

This is the sign of a healthy person.

This thinking can make a healthy society.

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