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Grab that piece of cake!!!

So, the title ....sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Yeah! Peculiar in its own sense but holds a meaning that you will get to know soon!!

This post is about Opportunities!! Yes this is the BIG reveal!!

We pass by life, life passes by us and in-between all this, we get opportunities. Sometimes small, sometimes big but all in their own shape and size.

You need not to just go through life but you should grow through life and these opportunities are what make us grow through life.

So, I say go grab them!!

Lets take an example. It must have happened to all of you, you were in a lets say ECA class, your teacher asks who would want to be Romeo in the play that is going to be organised in the school on annual day.....inside you are going like "yes" I can play that part would be great if I play that part..but do you raise your hand?? You think, You take time...but you are not able to raise your hand and the child next to you gets that part. Why ? Because he raised his hand. He was more eager and more gutsy to be that kid who knows the value of such opportunities. It is just an example. Why I say value such opportunities because taking part in such activities or being proactive would eventually differentiate that kid standing next to you from you in the long run....this long run of life.

These are the moments that start defining what kind of person you would become.

Either you become a person who senses the opportunities and grabs them or you become the one who let that opportunity go;

Either you have that life full of fun and adventures or you have just a series of incidents where you could have that fun;

Either you live a life that is fulfilled or the one that is unfulfilling.

Rest is upto you..


And of all the things I have learned ...and that I would want to suggest......

I say go grab that piece of cake!!! :-D

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Mohini Yadav
Mohini Yadav
Apr 07, 2023

Inspirational 🌈ᵕ̈*✨️

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