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I had always seen people and thought their life is sorted. Is it? Is it really? As I live more, delve deep, and know more, certain things shock me. There must be only a lucky few whose life is sorted; only a few is what my optimistic side allows to announce. We are confused, controlled by our whims and fancies and a mess. We set goals, plan, sometimes achieve, sometimes don't only to realise it was what we never truly wanted at the first place. But life goes on. What is this cycle? Of reaching nowhere? Or are we really progressing in the process? God knows. Where are we heading towards? What do we really want? Who will tell us? Gut maybe? Does it really talk? I don't know? You tell. Are there any synchronicities, a perfect sync with which this world is operating? A clear direction or what we say it all works out? Or is it just some clutter? Some haphazard doings by people and environment and surroundings around? Is there harmony or just pretence of it? Somebody's intentions overlapping with somebody other's intentions is all I can see. What will be the end result? Where will it last? Where are we heading? Sounds like a mystery to me.

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