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A girl

Beyond the realms of the present lives a girl

Beyond the thinking of average human minds lives a girl

A bit naïve, a bit ignorant with a heart of gold

With a mind and heart of her own untouched by the lack of the world lives a girl

Sometimes happy and sometimes sad

Feeling each one with an intensity, emotions riding all over her heart, body and soul

Yes, she feels a lot…..still untouched by the world lives a girl

A sight of wonder and awe

Evoking mystery and curiosity in all

As light as feather lives a girl

Eyes beaming with hope and inquisitiveness

Carrying positivity and wish to help the world lives a girl

she goes through life with ease

moves with ease

and still people wonder;

there lives a girl.

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Mohini Yadav
Mohini Yadav
07 abr 2023


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